ACT Children’s Week Patron – The Hon Margaret Reid AO 
Children’s Week Ambassador – Jackie French AM, Australian Children’s Laureate 2014/15, 2015 Senior Australian of the Year
ACT Children’s Week President – Narelle Hargreaves OAM JP FACEL – Canberra Citizen of the Year 2016

ACT Children’s Week Patron

The Hon Margaret Reid AO

The theme of Children’s Week this year takes the subject of Education, from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

It is not enough to say Education is the responsibility of Teachers.  Certainly Teachers are front line and vital to reaching the goals aimed for, but the community must be right there as well.

Much responsibility falls to parents and much to the rest of us. That is what makes Children’s Week so special, because of the recognition which can be given to so many who voluntarily give much to the development of Children in so many ways.

Children’s Week gives our community a chance to observe and participate in the activities of a child’s life. Children’s Week would actually not happen if it were not for the large committee of volunteers who believe that it is so worthwhile.

I most sincerely thank them for bringing us this program each year and for running the Awards which is such a worthwhile part of the program in recognising Canberrans who contribute so much.

My congratulations to all who have been nominated for Children’s Week Awards this year.The Hon Margaret Reid AO
ACT Children’s Week Patron


ACT Children’s Week Ambassador
Jackie French – AM
Award winning author
2015 Senior Australian of the Year
2014/15 Australian Children’s Laureate

What does a child need? Love, security, food, a safe bed to sleep in, fulfilment, education.

What education does a child need? I asked them.  And guess what? Over 16,000 out of 20,000 Australian children, in a two year survey, wanted more hours at school, not less…but those extra hours would be spent studying what they were passionate about, and what they needed.

Each year, our international education results get worse. One in five children between 7 and 14 cannot read a page of text.

Schools always need more money. Schools who help kids who need to be taught differently, need even more money. But, more than anything, schools need enthusiasm. Passion. Imagination.

Teachers need more than a pay cheque, but an acknowledgment that they are far, far more than childcare robots spoon-feeding information.

Our kids need parents who are there with them, not thinking of whoever they are texting on their mobile phone. They need a community that believes caring for kids – all our kids – is more important, and far more fulfilling than luxury cruises or remodelling the kitchen.

They need people like you.

Each Children’s Day we celebrate the heroines and heroes who change the lives of kids. Each year it grows more thrilling, and more inspiring.

Now all we need to do is work out how to clone you….

Jackie French AM

ACT Children’s Week President
Narelle Hargreaves OAM JP FACEL
Canberra citizen of the Year 2016

Welcome to Childrens Week – 2017!  The ACT Children’s Week Committee has enjoyed another successful year!  Many thanks to all members of the Committee for their time, commitment and enthusiasm!

The theme for Children’s Week in 2017 is ‘EDUCATION HAS THE POWER TO TRANSFORM CHILDREN LIVES’.  A ‘BIG SHOUT OUT’ to all our teachers and carers who work with children and young people each day, assisting them to achieve their goals and reach their potential in our society and world.

The Children’s Week Awards continue to be a highlight of this special week in the ACT. The Award citations  about the community members and organisations is very humbling and inspiring!  Many organisations receive small grants which provides them with the opportunity to involve the community in planned activities that focus on the needs, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people. The Committee enjoys, and is appreciative, of the photos of activities and happenings sent for our annual album each year.  The continued support of the National Museum of Australia in hosting the Launch of Children’s Week in October of each year is much appreciated!

In March, 2017, I had the pleasure of representing the ACT at the Annual Children’s Week Council of Australia meeting held in Adelaide.  The sharing of information was a key focus of the Council meeting and it was very satisfying to observe and take note of the development over the years of the Children’s Week Council of Australia Inc. The Annual Council meeting wil take place in Adelaide, South Australia again in March, 2018.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Prue Clarke OAM for her dedication and enthusiasm as Convenor of the ACT Children’s Week Committee for so many years.  Prue has taken a ‘step back’ from her role this year but will remain an invaluable member of the Committee.  Her tireless work has been an inspiration to us all!  We are very grateful to ACT Playgroups through Kirsten Cross who is taking on many of the management and  administrative functions of the Committee.

The Committee is most grateful to the ACT Community Services Directorate, the Education Directorate, Catholic Education and the Southern Cross Club  of Canberra who, once again, provided funds so that we can look forward to another successful Children’s Week this year.

A reminder to us all …”When children live with approval they learn to like themselves and when they live with acceptance and friendship they learn to find love in the world”.

Let’s join together and celebrate Children’s Week in the ACT in 2017!

Narelle  Hargreaves  OAM
ACT Children’s Week President