All those nominated receive an Award Certificate and congratulatory letter during Children’s Week in October.

A representative group receive their Awards at the Children’s Week Launch Ceremony on the UN’s Universal Children’s Day in Australia – 23 October 2019

Submitting an Award Nomination is a simple process – and is a great way to say ‘Thank you’

The Awards allow the ACT Children’s Week Committee to give public recognition to individuals or groups for outstanding contributions to the needs,
welfare and interests of children, either in a voluntary or in a paid capacity. All nominations must be made on the online form (link coming soon). Please mail with any issues or for more information. Please note that this form will close on 13 September 2019 – no late entries will be accepted.

Exceptional Young Person Award 

For a person under 21 years for having overcome extreme adversity and shown courage, perseverance and generosity OR for a person under 21 years who makes extraordinary contributions to other young people – voluntary work, advocacy or being a role model

Youth Commitment Award

For groups of young people who see a need in their community and work together to create a solution

Community for Children Award

For individuals, groups, volunteers, media, who have made an outstanding contribution to young people in the community ((may include programs, events, equipment, promotion or management)

Child Development Award

For individuals, groups, organisations whose contributions significantly improve young people’s opportunities to learn and grow

Intergenerational Contribution Award 

For older people who have made an outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of children and young people OR for children and young people who have enhanced the lives of older people. Including an Exceptional Grandparent Award for a grandparent who has shown outstanding commitment and generosity to the development of children.

Significant Contribution Award

For businesses who have made extraordinary contributions to young people